To keep pace with the latest trends we are proud to introduce a very high quality laminate that places to priority in the market.

You are well aware that we always focus on fostering quality products to our dear customers.
It’s a fact that there are laminates which are presently monopolising in the market with brand names which have been very popular to some of the consumers as the best in quality.

But, we are proud and it’s a pride for us to introduce ‘GREENLAM’ laminates which is not second to any other high quality laminates available in Sri Lanka market at present.

‘GREENLAM’ offer you a whole range of globally accepted designs with high quality in their PRODUCT AND CONFORMS TO THE RIGID INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS like BS EN 438-2: 1991, Type – S, HGS & NEMA and these laminates are ‘GREENGUARD’ certified.

We will say once again that we are proud that we have been appointed as the Sole Distributor in Sri Lanka for ‘GREENLAM” laminates which can compete at a competitive price.

So, W.M.J. is committed to offer the best of quality at a better price than any competitor can offer and compare same with any other similar brand you will observe that ‘GREENLAM’ is comparatively better in quality standards.

Now, it is you who will be the best judge to decide whether to pay more for a laminate sheet of a similar quality as that of a existing brand in Sri Lanka or pay less for an internationally acclaimed product like ‘GREENLAM’.